The Balance

The Balance

The program specially selected for men includes a cedar barrel, scrub, sport oil massage and foot massage. As a result, the procedure cleanses, moisturizes the skin, energizes the muscles and relieves stress through reflex action on the legs.

A comprehensive approach that combines cedar barrel warming procedures and scrub will provide complete care and help to improve the skin condition.

Sport-Oil massage removes energy blocks, allowing the energy to move freely through the channels, providing excellent health. First, you will fully relax and then you will honor the influx of new forces and energy. Massage activates blood circulation, heals the body and normalizes metabolic processes.

Foot massage will save you from constant stress and headaches.

The tea area, where calm music and delicious herbal tea can relax, complements the atmosphere of comfort and harmony created by THAI NOUSE specialists


cedar barrel-15 min

peeling-15 min

sport-oil-massage-1 hour 30 min

Foot-massage-30 min

2 h 30 min
8200 rub

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