Body shaping

Thai anti-cellulite massage

Intensive impact on problem areas.

1 hour
3900 rub

Thai slim massage

Active work out of abdomen areas, thighs and buttocks for figure correction.

1 hour
3900 rub

«Секреты океана»

Kelp peeling, seaweed wrapping and Oil massage.

2 hours
6900 rub

Cedar barrel

Steaming in a Cedar barrel.

15 minutes
700 rub

Algae wrapping

SPA algae wrapping with anti-cellulite effect.

30 minutes
2400 rub

Chocolate wrapping

Chocolate SPA wrapping with anti-cellulite effect to moisturize Your skin.

30 minutes
2400 rub

Ideal silhouette - intensive weight loss program

Cedar barrel, detox peeling, detox wrapping and slim-massage.

2 h 30 min
8900 rub

Salt body peeling

Skin cleansing and saturation with useful trace elements.

30 minutes
2400 rub

Figure correction

Figure correction with massage is an effective way to solve problems with imperfections.

With all the variety of approaches to model the figure it all comes down to a certain system of influence: you need to break the fat and remove excess fluid. Good physical shape means attractive appearance, emotional confidence and high performance. But to achieve this result is not just a process of weight loss restricting nutrition or working out in gym. Specialists of Thai House spa salon are sure that the main advantage of our programs for correction and modeling the figure is to combine different procedures.

Thai slim massage is a proved and an effective way to lose wight. In combination with natural cosmetics the result is guaranteed. For greater effect we recommend you take a course of not the only one correction program, but to change different procedures: fito barrels, peeling and general health massage.

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