SPA - programs

Thai spa

Cedar barrel, nourishing scrub, traditional Thai massage.

1 h 35 min
5900 rub

«Chocolate magic» - chocolate wrap, peeling and massage.

Chocolate body peeling, chocolate wrap and Oil-massage.

2 hours
6100 rub


Scrub/wrap, oil massage.

1 h 20 min
5500 rub

«Secrets of the Ocean»

Peeling with kelp, seaweed wrap and Oil-massage.

2 hours
6900 rub

Cedar barrel

Steaming in a wooden cedar barrel.

15 minutes
700 rub

«Lotus tenderness» - cedar barrel, scrub and massage

Cedar barrel, lotus salt peeling and Oil-massage.
2 hours
6900 rub

Blue clay wrapping

SPA clay wrap for skin rejuvenation and cleansing.

30 minutes
2200 rub

Thai magic – face SPA-program

Skin cleansing, scrub, mask and head and face massage.

1 hour
4000 rub

Perfection – a program for face rejuvenation

Маска, массаж лица травяными мешочками 

1 hour
3800 rub

Algae wrapping

SPA обертывание водорослями с антицеллюлитным эффектом.

30 minutes
2400 rub

Chocolate wrapping

Chocolate SPA wrap with anti-cellulite effect to moisturize the skin.

30 minutes
2400 rub

Ideal silhouette - intensive weight loss program

Cedar barrel, detox peeling, detox wrap and slim-massage.

2 h 30 min
8900 rub

Sea breeze – seaweed wrapping and salt peeling

Algae wrap and salt peeling.

1 hour
3800 rub

Salt body peeling

Skin cleansing and saturation with useful microelements.

30 minutes
2200 rub

A gift for Him – SPA program for men

Back massage, foot-massage and Oil-massage.

2 hours
6900 rub

Inspiration-men's SPA program

Cedar barrel, scrubbing, Thai or Oil-massage in 4 hands.

1 h 30 min
8600 rub

Mango dessert

Mango peeling, mango wrap and Oil-massage with mango Oil.

2 hours
6900 rub

An Athlete

Sport-Oil-massage and foot-massage.

1 h 30 min
4300 rub

A gift for Her

Aromatic Oil-massage, head and face massage.

2 hours
6900 rub

Sweet dreams

Chocolate peeling and chocolate wrap.

1 hour
3400 rub

Stone energy

Hot stone massage and SPA facial treatment.

2 h 30 min
6300 rub

SPA treatments in Saint Petersburg

Thai House salon is the place where you can relax and reborn\refill your energy (восполнить энергию). Plunge into the atmosphere of hospitality from Sunny Thailand. Pleasant tropical smells will take your thoughts away from everyday life. Incredible care for your body in combination with the Thai atmosphere of serenity and comfort will give you true pleasure.

Having a lot of tasks at work, life in the fast lane, stress and other negative factors of a big city have great influence on our lives, so these few hours in Thai House may be a real help for You. The complex of SPA procedures will allow You to improve Your health and to relax. They combine the effectiveness of both traditional and author's methods of procedures, using algae, medicinal mud, medicinal plants, essential and organic oils.

SPA procedures in "THAI HOUSE": Paradise pleasure

When you are tired after a hard day, when problems surround you and do not allow you to relax breathe, feel free to come to OUR THAI HOUSE salon. We guarantee pleasure, relaxation, rest and lots of positive emotions!


What will please you in the SPA salon "THAI HOUSE"?


Plenty of offers.

Favorable price.

Pleasant atmosphere

Experienced massage therapists.

Excellent SPA care.

The cost of SPA procedures is quite affordable, so everyone can afford such a pleasure. In addition, we have pleasant discounts and offers that will help you to save money.

GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES couple of hours of joy!

Season passes and gift certificates from 500 roubles!
To door delivery service!
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