Perfection – a program for face rejuvenation

Perfection – a program for face rejuvenation

Discover the secret of Oriental beauty. Facial massage with Thai herbal bags is a popular technique. After first procedures the natural complexion is noticeably improved, the skin is cleansed and a rejuvenating facial lift is performed.

In the program:

Gentle skin cleansing.

Nourishing face mask (by skin type).

Facial massage with herbal bags.


The skin of the face is cleansed and then a nourishing mask comes. Cleansed and prepared skin easily absorbs the useful substances that are part of the mask. The master completes the program with a facial massage with herbal bags. Massage with herbal bags leads to complete relaxation of the facial muscles. Due to it, wrinkles are smoothed and traces of tire disappear. And natural herbs fill the room with a relaxing aroma.

1 hour
3800 rub

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