Blue clay wrapping

Blue clay wrapping

Blue clay is one of the oldest, formed when there was no life on earth, 500-600 million years ago, now its layer lies at a depth of 80-100 m, ie completely clean from man-made pollution.

Clay is a sedimentary rock, it has no vitamins at all, but a lot of micro - and macronutrients. It has many excellent properties: tones, softens, cleanses and disinfects the skin, allowing you to improve its color. It activates blood circulation, improves skin metabolism, as it is a pure set of micro and macro elements (more than 30 macro and microelements), and while normalizing the mineral composition of the body it regulates metabolic processes, fights inflammation, cleanses from acne, helps even with fractures. Thanks to its crystal structure it absorbs toxic substances from the skin and is used to relieve stress. It is blue clay that has been used most often and for a long time in folk and alternative medicine. The color of clay depends on the ratio of minerals in its composition.

Blue clay is often used for medical purposes for diseases of the joints (arthritis, polyarthritis), ligaments, bruises, after fractures, for swollen eyelids, varicose veins, psoriasis in the form of applications. Clay works without complications and side effects.

In the SPA salon TNAI HOUSE wrap with clay is part of anti-cellulite programs and detoxification therapy. On the body, these procedures are subtle and delicate, so they do not have contraindications and can be used both to eliminate existing aesthetic problems and to prevent them.

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