«Coconut heavens» - massage with coconut oil

«Coconut heavens» - massage with coconut oil

Coconut lovers should try the procedure with natural coconut oil. The cedar barrel will prepare the body for subsequent procedures. The skin is moisturized and cleansed, the pores are opened and harmful substances are removed from the body along with sweat. And with the help of coconut scrub, the dead cells of the epidermis are delicately removed. The procedure is completed with a relaxing oil massage with organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is unique: it contains moisturizing hyaluronic, antibacterial lauric and other useful acids. As a result, it softens and nourishes Your skin.

Cedar barrel 15 minutes

Peeling using coconut sugar scrub 15 minutes

Oil-massage with coconut oil 60 minutes

The total program time is 2 hours.

2 hours
5800 rub

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