Thai spa

Thai spa

A unique program for true Thai massage lovers.

Cedar barrel will warm tired muscles up and will help you to relax in a short time.

Nourishing scrub will saturate your skin with natural oils eliminating the feeling of dry skin. Natural granules will gently scrub your skin leveling its relief.

Traditional Thai massagecompletrs this spa program. This massage is the child of national culture with this unique philosophy. It's methods are based on a complete system of improving your body which includes deep pressure on muscles, passive exercises, stretching, reflexology and acupressur, as well as activation of energy flows on your body. Come to us for well - being and harmony.


- cedar barrel - 15 min

- scrubing - 20 min

- traditional Thai massage - 60 min.

1 h 35 min
5900 rub

GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES couple of hours of joy!

Season passes and gift certificates from 500 roubles!
To door delivery service!
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