A gift for Him – SPA program for men

A gift for Him – SPA program for men

A stunning set of healing procedures for the most loved. The program combines classic massage, acupuncture and aromatherapy. It starts with a soft aroma oil massage. Alternating strong pressure and gentle rubbing, the master warms up the joints and muscles, releases blocked energy meridians, and restores the current of internal energy.


Then the master concentrates on the program for the back. The deepest muscle clamps and points responsible for the work of the organs of the entire body are worked out.

Back massage is focused on reflexogenic zones. There are about 20 of them in this area, and each master will work in detail. By the end of the SPA massage, you will feel every muscle, every ligament, and again feel full of energy and ready for achievements.

The final stage is a foot massage. It helps to relieve tension, increases the immune system, and helps to restore the natural state of the body. This complex of procedures leads to recover and maximum rapid relaxation.


Oil massage 60 minutes

Back massage 30 min

Foot massage 30 min

2 hours
6900 rub

GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES couple of hours of joy!

Season passes and gift certificates from 500 roubles!
To door delivery service!
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