Thai slim massage

Thai slim massage

This is a modeling massage for figure correction. It is an effective technique that allows you to use original techniques to make the massage strong, deep and at the same time not traumatic. Thai slim massage is a cream massage with a high concentration of phytocomponents which is intensively rubbed during the session in areas with excess subcutaneous fat.

Intensive and deep study allows you to improve blood circulation in the adipose tissue, removing excess deposits.

Result: helps to reduce volume, flattens the relief and improves the silhouette. The number of sessions depends on the characteristics of the body and on the tasks set. But on average 8-10 sessions are enough to achieve excellent results.


To make it easier to take a massage course, we offer to issue a subscription. In this case each lesson will be cheaper than the individual ones. The session lasts 1 hour.

1 hour
3900 rub

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