The massage session takes place in relaxing environment. You lie down on a soft couch. You are surrounded by traditional Thai smells, soft lights and quiet music. This already calms and reduces the usual urban anxiety. With soft and warm hands, the master makes an effort to follow the foot, firstly the one, then the other. There are many points on the feet that are connected to the entire body. Relax the muscles of the entire body, relieves tire. During the head massage, the fingers and palms move in a certain rhythm, working through the most problematic and tense areas: the back of the head, temples, parietal and frontal zones. Gradually, the tension goes away, thoughts calm down, emotions stabilize. The combination of reflex foot massage and head massage will help you to get rid of headaches. Eye muscles relax, blood pressure is normalized, performance and vitality are restored.

Foot massage 30 minutes. Massage of the neck and collar area for 30 minutes.

Head massage 30 minutes.

1 h 30 min
4600 rub

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