Royal Thai massage

Royal Thai massage

A truly Royal range! Wellness and relaxation cubed.

Each procedure of this SPA program itself gives a huge healing effect, and all three procedures together complement and strengthen each other, turn the Royal Thai massage into something amazing and unforgettable.


Traditional Thai massage affects all muscle groups, including those that are not involved in everyday life. Pressure, tightening and twisting used in this "passive yoga" maximize the development of every muscle and every joint, improve the work of all body systems, stimulate blood and lymph flow, increase immune system and eliminate toxins and toxins from the body.


The effect produced by Thai massage multiplies the aroma massage using natural Thai oils. Aromas, combined with the procedure have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system, helps to get rid of tire and to normalize sleep.


Bags made of natural fabrics filled with a special composition of healing Thai herbs, warmed to a comfortable temperature – this is the basis of herbal Thai massage. This is a wonderful anti-stress procedure that warms and relaxes every cell of the body, activating vital forces.

3 hours
9300 rub

GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES couple of hours of joy!

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