Thai aroma four-hands oil massage

Thai aroma four-hands oil massage

Aromatic four-hands oil massage is a relaxing procedure using aromatic oils from natural herbs. There are two masters working at the same time in contrast to the usual aroma oil massage.

All the master's movements are performed synchronously. Thanks to this the relaxation of the body happens together. The movements in this procedure are smooth and gentle. The procedure is initially designed for deep relaxation and relaxation of the body. Masters focus not only on the guest's body, but also on their emotional state.



In addition to the physiological effects, aroma oil massage promotes emotional relaxation. Quiet music, pleasant smell of oils, soft light and smooth movements of the masters ' hands on the body push away worries and thoughts.

The procedure lasts only one hour, but the result is the same as from the usual two-hour aroma oil massage – thanks to the fact that two masseurs work with the guest at once. The right solution if you need to get a quality relaxation, but there is not much time.

1 hour
7400 rub

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