Our day

Our day

Cedar phyto barrel will warm up tired muscles, will help you to relax in a short time and to adjust to the atmosphere of relaxation and peace.

After that our master will make a purifying peeling procedure, you can choose among fruit, coffee or salt peels. This type of peeling will purify your skin and charge it with energy.


The next step in this spa program is:

For her - nourishing fruit or chocolate wrapping or correcting one with seaweed.

For him - back massage. The deepest muscle clamps and point responsible for the work of all organs in the whole body will be worked out.

Then a relaxing aroma massage comes. Massage is a significant part of this relaxing program. Charming scents of aroma oils will help you to get right mood, relieve fatigue and stress.


Thai facial massage for her or foot massage for him will complement the program. Facial massage with herbal sacks improves blood circulation, eliminates puffiness and circles under the eyes, relaxes muscles and also makes face contour more cleared.

Foot, hands and head massage will give you the feeling of complete comfort and relaxation. It is a great process, every cell of your body will enjoy this!


A cup of fragrant tea and fruit plate will become a wonderful ending of this program.

- cedar barrel - 10 min

- purifying peeling ( fruit, coffee, salt) - 20 min

- for her : moisturizing or correcting wrapping - 30 min

- for him : Thai back massage - 30 min

- relaxing aroma oil massage - 60 min

- tea ceremony - 30 min

- for her :

- facial cleansing and facial mask - 30 min

- facial massage with herbal sacks - 30 min

- for him :

- foot massage - 30 min

- hands and head massage - 30 min

- fruit plate


Program for 3 persons :

- duration 2 h 30 min - 21 600 rubles

- duration 3 h 30 min - 28 000 rubles


Program for 4 persons :

- duration 2 h 30 min - 28 800 rubles

- duration 3 h 30 min - 37 300 rubles


Program for 5 persons :

- duration 2 h 30 min - 36 000 rubles

- duration 3 h 30 min - 46 600 rubles



It is required to make a 50% pre - payment of the package while booking spa - party.

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