SPA - Bachelore

SPA - Bachelore

Men's SPA program for maximum effect. It includes several types of procedures that can not only restore the spirit, but also transform the body. Steaming in a cedar phyto barrel will open the pores and speed up the metabolism. Peeling with a special sea salt scrub will clean and rejuvenate the skin. The combination of foot massage and neck-collar zone with hot bags with Thai herbs is designed for deep relaxation of all tense muscles. This program will give you peace of mind, restore physical strength and a sense of inner harmony.


Cedar barrel 15 min,

Peeling - 30 min.,

Sport-Oil-massage - 1 hour 30 min.,

Head and face massage 15 min.,

Foot massage-45 min.,

Massage of the neck and collar zone with herbal bags-30 min.

3 h 45 min
11700 rub

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