Thai lymphatic drainage massage

Thai lymphatic drainage massage

The purpose of this procedure is to strengthen the immune system by draining the lymphatic system with a gentle massage. The procedure is a very gentle massage that focuses exclusively on the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, and not on the muscles.

Lymphatic drainage massage has a healing effect on the body: removes toxins, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system.

The main task of lymphatic drainage is to significantly increase the speed of lymph flow. Thus, the body removes the products of cellular decomposition, receiving in return nutrients, mineral compounds and oxygen. Lymphatic drainage has a wide range of cosmetic and health-improving effects on the body.

* improving lymph outflow, elimination of toxins from the body

  • fight with edema

* improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells

* fight against age-related changes

* reducing the appearance of cellulite

  • figure correction

* relaxing effect, fight against insomnia

  • fight with bruises

* reducing the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and scars

  • rising immunity
  • skin improvement

* treatment of varicose veins

1 hour
3700 rub

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