Complete cleansing

Complete cleansing

The program is aimed at cleansing the body, updating the blood flow, Improvement of skin and hair condition. Elimination of excess fluid and toxins from the body. Launch of recovery functions of the body, strengthening the immune system. Too high-calorie food and lack of movement (hypodynamia) lead to stagnation and discomfort — there is weakness, apathy, bad mood, reduced immunity. Slagging leads to skin rashes and extra pounds. Exercise and a detox program will help improve the situation.


The program includes 3 stages:

Stage 1 cedar phyto-barrel, lymphatic drainage massage-75 minutes.

Stage 2 anti-Age facial SPA, head massage with warm oil-90 minutes.

Stage 3 detox peeling, anti-cellulite massage-90 minutes.

4 h 15 min
13600 rub

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