Romantic evening

Romantic evening

A delightful relaxation ritual, an unforgettable journey for two to a world filled with the aromas of herbs and exotic oils. The combination of aroma massage with herbal bag massage will bring you not only maximum enjoyment, but also relaxation and wellness. Foot massage for him will fill the whole body with energy, and facial and head massage for her will give tenderness and youth to the skin. Experience the energy of the body and feel the tenderness and youth of the skin with the help of our caring masters.

For him: "Herbal bag massage and Oil massage" 90 minutes + foot massage 30 minutes

For her: "Herbal bag massage and Oil massage" 90 minutes + face and head massage 30 minutes

2 hours
13800 rub

GIFT YOUR LOVED ONES couple of hours of joy!

Season passes and gift certificates from 500 roubles!
To door delivery service!
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