Algae wrapping

Algae wrapping

Micronized algae have a stimulating effect on the processes of general metabolism, enhancing osmotic exchange. Algae have the ability to normalize the mineral balance, and also have a restorative effect, often used in the treatment of excessive local deposits of fat and cellulite, because it contains a large percentage of iodine. Iodine improves protein assimilation, absorption of phosphorus, calcium, iron, activates a number of enzymes. Fucus and kelp algae are rich in trace elements, iodine, amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. It stimulates blood circulation and causes the expansion of blood vessels, which contributes to the better removal of toxins from the body, stimulates cellular regeneration, softens and protects the skin.


In our SPA salon "THAI HOUSE", seaweed wraps are often used in weight loss programs, because they increase blood circulation.

Despite all the benefits of seaweed wraps, the procedure has contraindications. During pregnancy and lactation, with hyperfunction of the thyroid gland and exacerbation of dermatological problems, we recommend choosing alternative types of wraps.

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