Sea breeze – seaweed wrapping and salt peeling

Sea breeze – seaweed wrapping and salt peeling

Combining seaweed wrapping and salt peeling, we created the Sea breeze program - with an intense lymphatic drainage and lifting effect.

If you want to look like a vacation field, then the skin rejuvenation program is for you. The complex of SPA procedures purposefully acts on the regenerating properties of the skin. The basis of this procedure is the use of algae, which contain many trace elements necessary for our body. Algae is a part of peeling and wrapping. The program will help speed up the removal of toxins and fluids from the body, provides anti-cellulite effects. The final step is applying a moisturizing lotion along the massage lines.


Cedar barrel 15 minutes

Body scrubbing (sea salt + seaweed "fucus" and "kelp") 30 minutes

Apply a moisturizing lotion for 15 minutes

1 hour
3800 rub

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