Ideal silhouette - intensive weight loss program

Ideal silhouette - intensive weight loss program

We will help you to get your body in shape before the summer season, tighten your skin after accelerated weight loss or the birth of a baby.

A special Thai technique for figure correction and weight loss consists of 4 stages:

Phytosauna-the task of which is to warm up and prepare the body for deep care.

Detox peeling is to improve hydration and stimulate skin cell renewal.

Wrapping is to eliminate edema, restore skin elasticity.

Slim massage is for local correction of problem areas (stomach, thighs and buttocks), detoxification and volume reduction.

The program normalizes metabolism, has an anti-cellulite effect, prevents the accumulation of fat, and normalizes microcirculation.


Cedar barrel – 15 min

Detox peeling – 30 min

Detox body wrap – 30 min

Slim massage – 1 hour

2 h 30 min
8900 rub

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